Katai Kit (liltigris14) wrote in tospn,
Katai Kit

TOSPN -revived, revamped, respond?

Allo, Krissy here just posting (yet again) The link to the new TOSPN site http://www.geocities.com/Tospn/Gateway.html  The Username and Password are apparent. If not check my LJ, I posted it on there as 'friends only'.

Also, I would like to request any and all photos you may have of yourselves and others. Matt, I knowyou have some cool pictures of people on your phone. Namely Hoss in the hat on the PSP ^^;

Whit, I can't wait to get yours, but if you don't want to write themto CDjust check the TOSPN site for where you can upload them. The Password is the same as for the Gateway, and again, was posted earlier for friends only ^^ (That way we can be privatewith our photos calender, and contact info)

MJ, Good luck with Digital Camera-ness, ^^

Hopefully, this will be a site we can all be part of no matter where we live or how long it's beensince we've seen eachother for years to come. Also, it is a great place to store our photo collections so we can all remmeber the fun times we've had together.

Lova Ya'll!


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